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Document Management System offers an extremely versatile solution for storing, importing, organizing, parsing, scanning, routing, editing and messaging documents – just to name a few options. Categorizing and efficiently getting documents into the electronic health record represents a significant challenge for many practices. The Document Management System was built to meet that challenge by offering significant efficiency gains. Whether retrieving faxes from a fax server, importing transcription documents, storing EOBs, or storing the practice utility.

Import and Upload Documents
  • Monitor a fax server folder
  • Monitor email accounts and import attachments
  • Scan large documents and separate into multiple files
  • Import directly into e-Medsys electronic health record
  • Parse documents and automatically upload to EHR
  • Convert files into pdf for standardization
  • Rotate, flip and delete pages after scanning
  • Route documents through the document manager application
Store and Retrieve Documents
  • Store practice documents such as utility bills or insurance contracts
  • Create custom categories and ‘tag elements’
  • Store and search documents based on categories and tag elements
  • Full permissions for each document category
  • Archive files to external media or hard drive with auto compression
  • View full messaging and user history on file
  • Store EOBs with the EOB Manager
  • EOB Manager links to payment data allowing for extensive search options
Application Components
  • Fax server monitor
  • File scanning application (TWAIN)
  • Import documents directly to EHR
  • Parse documents for file content
  • Edit documents
  • Pick specific pages from document to upload
  • Store practice documents
  • Customized search and categorizing
  • Convert files to PDF with OCR

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